Cala Retreats by Can Darder Soul Events

Cala Retreats by Can Darder Soul Events, is born from the deep certainty and feeling of a great mission, both of the space and of Cala.



The ideal is to create a field of coherence between Mind and Heart... align ourselves between what we say, think and feel. A balance between Thoughts, which are the language of the Mind, and Emotions, which are the language of the Heart.



Did you know that the origin of the word Calm comes from With Soul?
The things of the Ego go quickly, the things of the Soul go calmly.
Come feel Calm in your Soul.



Well-being is cultivated with small acts of self-love and gratitude.



You have what you tolerate, our energy depends on the level of vibration, you attract what vibrates at the same frequency as you, if you vibrate high, your energy will be high and with a lot of light! Go for it?



Conscious vegetarian nutrition with local products

Personal work and self-knowledge retreats to stop and allow yourself to Feel and Be

I tell you a secret? Do you know what inspired me to name CALA?
I was thinking of a center to expand Consciousness, Love, Light and Accompaniment. I put together the initial letters of each word and CALA emerged, then I searched and discovered that callas are lilies and how wonderful Callas symbolize. Do you want to know?

What do the CALAS symbolize?

Cala are considered the flowers of purity that represent beauty and bring luck. The Calas date back to Greek-Roman times and were associated with festivals and enjoyment, due to the similarity of their shape to a cup. Cala also symbolizes art, virtue and grace, in Sanskrit and in Hawaii it is a variant of Sara which in Hebrew origin means “Lady”.

Kali (Cala/Mireia) symbolizes bringing together the terrible and the beautiful, wild strength and delicacy.

The color copper (represented in Cala's dress) is the color of maturity, goodness and earthiness. It symbolizes power, sensuality, energy, passion, balance and protection.
Identifies with achievements and efforts. It provides warmth, togetherness and is linked to wealth, prosperity and durability. Its reddish-brown tone provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere and its meaning is also to conduct energy, eliminate negativity and help balance the chakras. In short, the copper color provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere like that of Can Darder Soul Events.


Wellness retreats or what is the same, being well and above all BEING. And Can Darder Soul Events is the magical, idyllic and perfect space for it.

Primavera Can Darder Soul Events

Our Lotus flower

The meaning of the lotus flower, the common name of the aquatic plant “Nelumbo nucifera”, represents Can Darder Soul Events very well. It should be said that the main reason why this flower is chosen and not another is because after all the obstacles that we have overcome, like the lotus flower, it emerges from the depths of the mud, stronger and more beautiful if possible, always searching for his own light.

The Lotus flower symbolizes the triumph of the soul over the senses, wisdom and knowledge.

Nothing Real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists! Learning to change is learning to LIVE, not changing is not LIVE, it is surviving. Many people prefer to be Safe than to be FREE.
Always ask yourself in any circumstance: Have I chosen this?
Taking into account that happiness is freedom and that happiness is not a destination, but a path... Feel free to voluntarily CHOOSE this retreat that will change Your LIFE even a little!

Mireia Jordà & Can Darder Soul Events

Mireia Jordà and Can Darder Soul Events have merged to create this new guided concept of international retreats for all types of people who feel they want to heal and be accompanied in processes that are difficult to manage.

Cala Retreats is a center where you can always be accompanied if you wish. A space where the priority is YOU, where you can feel free to participate in the different group dynamics proposed by the facilitators. Always playful, but intense, with the purpose of doing deep work, reaching where you feel you want to go, always accompanied, with presence and respect. You can do conscious walks through nature, meditations, yoga, one to one (individualized and personalized sessions with a coach), etc. We are going to combine accompanied personal work (if you wish), with spaces that you can dedicate to yourself, to feel, integrate, relax in our wonderful pool or in the SPA (with Hammam, sauna and relaxation area), walk through the intertwined paths that surround the 70 hectares of forest and nature of Can Darder Soul Events, feeling the peace and magical energy that is breathed.


"I have created a Retreat format, which I feel is very necessary in this Matrix life in which a large part of human beings are immersed."



The Soul and creator of this project
Coach specialized in emotional accompaniment, Holistic masseuse, Energy Therapist, Event&Wedding Planner, founder of Can Darder Soul Events and Cala Retreats.
Apprentice in constant evolution and training.



Holistic coach specialized in business and leadership
Toni will accompany you as a Coach in the one-to-one sessions in an individualized manner, with her sensitivity, great experience, and training. He will surprise us with some playful but very powerful group dynamics, with great personal work, to take a journey inward and then we will release with a Dance Medicine DJ Session! Toni helps people find their internal balance and coherence between what they say, do and think. With work at the level of body, mind and soul.



Sound Healing Meditation
We will experience a magical meditation with projections and its wonderful and unique collection of instruments.



Coach specialized in emotion management and trained in Bioneuroemotion
Let yourself be accompanied by Xavier's sweetness, professionalism and empathy. Dedicated for more than a decade to providing personalized consultations, workshops and conferences on personal growth and self-realization.



Actors coach with the renowned international coach Bernad Hiller
It will energize us through Therapeutic Theatrical Play. An intense but playful work space, feeling the child inside us.

Did you know that walking through the forest has many benefits for the body, mind and spirit?

The Can Darder Soul Events farmhouse is surrounded by 70 hectares of forest and nature, with pine forests and a multitude of ancient and majestic trees. Did you know that walking through the forest has many benefits for the body, mind and spirit? It also helps cleanse you of energies that are not Good for You.

Also, as a curious fact, I tell you that the nature of Can Darder Soul Events is rich in silver and one of the properties of this mineral is that it directly absorbs negative energies, another reason why you breathe this clean, pure and magical energy. that you feel as soon as you walk through the front door of Can Darder Soul Events.

Can Darder Soul Events

Space of freedom where YOU can choose

You dare to change, to feel, to take off your masks, to allow yourself to be yourself, to jump beyond your fears and insecurities that block you so much, to transcend those patterns that you repeat so much, to free yourself from those beliefs that so much They limit you (often inherited or instilled), to feel worthy of... to feel that you are seen, recognized, to love yourself, prioritize yourself, respect yourself, pamper yourself, to play, to laugh or cry, to align yourself with your purpose , to feel and embrace emotions, to transform that reality that you no longer want in your life for the life that you feel you want to live. Simply allow yourself to BE.

Many times we focus on doing in order to have and forget about just that, BEING.

Expectations limit the possibility of enjoying every moment.

Come with an open mind, willing to do all that, to be authentic with yourself, to acquire the ability to live freshly, as if everything you do was the first time. Come open and predisposed to cultivate that beginner's mind, without expectations or conditioning.

For the seed to flourish... the root must be healed.

Déjate sorprender por la forma única que cada experiencia asume en el presente en Cala Retreats!.

For the seed to flourish... the root must be healed.

Cala Retreats