We rent the farmhouse and its entire idyllic environment of forest and nature so that you can organize or organize your retreat together

Come celebrate your retirement at Can Darder Soul Events! I'm going to give you a very compelling reason... Did you know that the surroundings of the Can Darder farmhouse are rich in silver? And the main property of this metal is to absorb bad energies..., that already gives a very good vibe, right? As the hours go by you feel more and more peace and well-being.

Being away from civilization and in contact with nature, Pachamama, Mother Earth, Gaia, ancient trees, surrounding yourself with that regenerative and magical energy is ideal for disconnecting, feeling and opening your heart.

We have a new room with beautiful views and an outdoor platform..., always with the color green in sight.

By reinventing ourselves from a hotel to renting the property for events, we feel that the main mission of Can Darder is to expand Love and Universal consciousness, a space of brotherhood and humanity , of growth and evolution, of body, soul and mind and retreats are the great channelers of this task. Thank you, thank you, thank you for choosing us, all withdrawals are welcome.

Come feel the soul of Can Darder!

Upcoming retreats

La Vía Abrupta

Tantra workshop only for couples. From June 23 to 27 in person at Can Darder.

La Vía del Valle

Tantra workshop for couples only. From June 30 to July 4 in person at Can Darder.

Conscious Relationships

Conscious, healthy and creative eating workshop. From July 17 to 18 at Can Darder.

Compassion and ecstasy

Tantra Course The Great Transformation. Couples only. From July 21-25.

Conscious Sexuality

Conscious Sexuality Retreat for couples. From August 13 to 18 at Can Darder.

Ancestral Method

3 weeks in August, 3 retreats. Ángel Rubio arrived from Tierra Maya. In Can Darder.

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