General Terrms and Conditions for Customers and Guests

The trading company JORDAVET, S.L., with its registered office in Sabadell, at 111 Escola Pia Street, Sabadell with VAT number B62027016, is the owner of the farmhouse known as Can Darder Soul Events, located in the town of Llagostera (Girona), at Can Darder Street, no number specified. Can Darder Soul Events is equipped for the celebration of specific events, with all the necessary facilities, furniture, and utensils. It hereby notifies all its customers and guests of the general terms and conditions governing it.


FIRST.- This document compiles the general conditions governing the lease contracted by the client with the company JORDAVET, SL, which is linked to those proposals and documents to which they are referenced on the date of signature of the corresponding acceptance and/or reservation document to which it has been linked

SECOND.- The contract for the use of the property is a lease contract for use other than housing that will be governed by the clauses of the reservation contract and by these general conditions.Supplementarily by the civil code in application of article 4.3 of Law 29/1994 of 24 November, and consolidated legislation

THIRD.- The term of the contract will be established in the booking agreement. IT IS MANDATORY. The lessee must leave the farmhouse at the agreed time, in the same state as it was found, leaving it free of occupants and luggage

The property must be in perfect condition. Otherwise, the lessee shall be liable for any damage, breakage or other damages that may have occurred.

FOURTH.- In the event that you want to extend the agreed schedule, it must be communicated to the lessor in advance, and the latter will inform you about the availability of the farmhouse for this purpose and its price.

FIFTH.- The price established in the booking agreement shall be increased by the corresponding VAT, at the prevailing rate at the time. Booking fee will be deducted from the final price. In case of cancellation by the lessee, less than 30 days in advance, this booking is lost.
SIXTH.- It is expressly agreed, voluntarily between the parties, that it is forbidden to assign and sublet, both totally and partially, the leased property under any circumstances.
SEVENTH.- The lessee is directly and exclusively responsible for everything that occurs within the contracted property, whether damages that may be caused to people or things, as well as the deterioration or losses that occur in it, exempting the lessor from all liability. Therefore, any indemnification or expenses resulting from these actions shall be solely the responsibility of the lessee.
EIGHT.- The lessee shall be responsible for all food and beverages of any kind provided at the event. He/she is solely responsible, in the event that any consequence arises from their ingestion. Through this document, the property is exempt from any responsibility in this regard.
Likewise, the lessee undertakes not to carry out any illicit activity on the premises, as well as to respect the prohibitions established in the current regulations on prevention and social integration assistance for drug addicts and to adhere to the prohibition of supplying alcoholic beverages to minors under 18 years of age.

NINTH.- In the event that the lessee proceeds to hire any worker, both waiter, as a monitor, animator, etc., the expenses that this generates, both in wages, and social security, and in taxes, will be at his own expense, releasing the lessor from all responsibility in this regard.

TENTH.- The lessee is responsible for processing and assuming the payment derived from as many permits and authorisations as necessary to carry out the proposed event according to its nature. As well as the insurance policy against all risks and civil liability that covers any eventuality that may occur, derived from the event and, where appropriate, the music fee of the General Society of Authors.
ELEVENTH.- The lessee shall leave the farmhouse in perfect order, tidied up, and the rubbish in closed bags.

TWELFTH.- The following is strictly prohibited:
Smoking in all indoor spaces and only permitted in outdoor spaces that are properly signposted and marked. All rooms have smoke detectors.
*The storage and use of any flammable or dangerous substances, such as fuel, fireworks, firecrackers, flares, or balloons with open flame, etc.
*Taking furniture or tableware outside the premises and beyond their usual installations.
*Accessing the pool area with breakable objects or materials.
*Exceeding the maximum capacity, counting both adults and children equally.
*Causing disturbances to the neighbourhood.
*Leaving minors unsupervised or allowing them to use the facilities without supervision.
*Making noises louder than those permitted by current legislation.

THIRTEENTH.- Failure by either party to comply with the obligations resulting from this contract will entitle the party that has complied with its obligations to demand compliance with them, or to promote the termination of the contract, in accordance with the provisions of article 1,124 of the Civil Code.

FOURTEENTH.-The lessee is personally liable for the obligations derived from this contract. For the resolution of any issues that may arise from the granting of this document, both parties, waiving their own jurisdiction, submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Girona.