We love personal growth and spirituality

We love everything that has to do with the evolution of the Human Being, that is why we help you organize your retreat whatever the modality.


Soul Events

Can Darder Soul Events, because we put our soul in everything we do. We align ourselves with our souls, as when a person hears the voice of their soul, they are fulfilling their mission in life. And that is precisely what our mission is: to awaken the soul of Can Darder Soul Events and all the beautiful people who come to our wonderful space in search of another step toward spreading love and universal mindfulness. Do you like the idea?

The retreats organized at Can Darder Soul Events are but each one is designed from the soul and with love. Mindful eating, "because when you take care of your inside, it reflects on the outside".

Things done with love always turn out well

Shall we start preparing your event?

Start dreaming

Dream and we'll make it possible. We'll mentor and advise you throughout the event process, together with our team of professionals.

Decide on details

We organize your event with meticulous care, getting involved in every last detail if you wish.

Indulge yourself

Count on everything being perfect; it's our mission and our purpose.

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